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[03 Mar 2010|04:54pm]

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L´amour... [09 Jan 2010|09:50pm]

Други! А русскоязычные здесь водятся? )))

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Drop dead tickets and who is going from where [03 Sep 2008|12:59am]


We just finished selling Drop Dead Festival discount tickets.
 If you don't have your tickets yet don't worry at all. You can stil get them at a really good price of 75 euro for 5 days. Get them at the festival (at the door) or though our website (2 more weeks only) http://dropdeadfestival.com/

Every year there is people coming from all over the world and its always fun to keep track of which countries are represented.
There is pre-sales to over 21 countries, from all over the globe!!!!

You can see a full story of who bought the tickets so far and where are they from on our forum

Tell me if your coming to Drop Dead this year, which country are you from? Did you get your tickets yeat?

See you guys very soon, Just 1 month to go!

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hello from Spain [18 Jun 2008|12:42pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I'm a first wave ninAHAgen fan. I'm spanish, and I knew nina's music in the 80's. The first discs were edited on Spain, and I could buy here all till Street (first and only I have on cd :'-). Then, the distribution of NH music in Spain ended. For those who don't know my country, may notice that international music is distributed here normally, and is a very strange thing no disks of NH had been selled here from the past century.
Do you know why this happened?
I'm remembering the two "big band" records edited last were object of news on spanish papers; it was almost a promotion. However, none of those were sold here.
It's weird, don't you think? Specially when NH travels periodically to Ibiza.
I needed to ask a friend who lives on Germany to buy me and bring it to me the NH cd's, as people had to do when dictator Franco were alive (more than 30 years ago).
BTW, i'm new on the community, so
¡Hola a todos! (Hello everybody!;-).

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AUM SHRIKALIKAIAI NAMAH!!!!! [02 May 2008|10:07pm]

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[29 Feb 2008|08:55pm]

Hello, I'm a relativly new Nina Hagen fan and was wondering if she ever recorded a full opera?

 If anyone knows what it was called and where I can get it please comment and let me know.

Thank you.
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Drop Dead Magazine Issue 4 - [23 Jul 2007|12:10am]


Issue 4 is almost done ladies and gentlemen.

In the mean time you can subscribe or order current issue 3 or for that matter any of the past issues

HERE http://dropdeadmagazine.com/sc.htm

You can also get your band or whatever advertised. There is Still Some Time

Here are some Issue 4 pages for ya:

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Happy New Year Every One [30 Dec 2006|12:08am]

Drop Dead Magazine
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Will I abandon those in need of good drinking, dancing, deathrock and debauchery? I think NOT! [30 Nov 2036|07:02am]

[ mood | productive ]

2 Drop Dead Festivals this time (2007)?
Thanks to every one who have attended Drop Dead Festivals the past 4 years. We are proud to call you guys our friends and looking forward to meeting all the new people getting involved every year.
Ok so there has been a lot of debate about Drop Dead moving to Europe in 2007.
Great news for all the US ghouls who cant travel to Prague, there will be two festivals this year one in USA and one in Europe so we are not moving away but just getting bigger and better, thanks to all of you.

Drop Dead USA will be as always run and put together by me with help from the rest of NY Decay crew and co-operation with deathrock/punk/post-punk/Psychobilly communities.. The Festival will be in NYC again (there is talk of another one too in another USA city) but I will post details to every one as they come to us. This year I would like more American promoters, DJ’s and fans in general to be involved in pre-production. As always the e-mail is nydecay at gmail.com.

We are taking requests from bands, DJ’s, Vendors, Sponsors and Promoters for participating now. If you get in touch with us now the only way to get in touch with us is through the nydecay at gmail.com. You can reach us also through instant messenger at “nydecay”

Drop Dead Prague, held on Halloween weekend October 26-28 will be a collaborative festival between all the top promoters of Europe and few outside. Me and Pamela from Bat country booking in Prague will be heading the team of promoters. So far we have promoters from Switzerland, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Germany ( about 5 different promotion groups from different cities) and Holland joining in. I am sure there will be many more and if you want to join us in some way contact us nydecay at gmail.com
Events collaborating to bring you Drop Dead Prague will be announced shortly.

And Don’t forget to check out Drop Dead Magazine, Issue 2 is in stores and avlible from our site now Issue 3 coming very soon

Polina Y
NY Decay Productions
Drop Dead Festival, Promoter
Drop Dead Magazine, Publisher and Managing Editor


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some song [13 Oct 2006|06:27pm]

good day.
my housemate got me onto nina hagen and she's just so fantastic...
anyhow she ahd some song on her iPod called 'naturalane' with an umlaut above the third 'a'..
for some reason she doesn't have this song anymore and i've tried to track it down...
and so i've searched on lots of p2p downloading places and have had no luck finding it..
i was thinking maybe it was known by a different name or something...
or maybe someone has it.. and would be so lovely as to share it..??
yeh.. basically she does some of the highest notes in the world...and the timbre is so fantastic.. like an electric guitar..
help would be fab.
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New Lene Lovich Flyer [16 Jul 2006|02:34am]


These flyers will be here in a week if you want me to ship some for you so you can put them out locally, let me know.

also if you want to post this flyer on your site or help us get the word out through lj or whatever you can use the code below

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Drop Dead Festival 2006 LENE LOVICH! [09 Jul 2006|04:58pm]


Just Confirmed one more Headliner for this years Drop Dead Festival

Lene Lovich

Doing 2 sets- Friday LENE LOVICH and Les Chappell and Sunday LENE LOVICH with the full band

Tickets are nopw on Sale Here : DDF 2006 TICKETS

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Diamanda, Meg, Nina, Siouxsie, Nivek [01 Apr 2006|04:21am]
+ Comments are appreciated.
+ Textless icons are NOT bases. No customization.
+ No hotlinking... please save these to your own server.
+ Credit rid_of_her for these icons, please.

4 x Diamanda Galas icons
3 x Meg Lee Chin icons
4 x Nina Hagen icons
5 x Nivek Ogre/OhGr (of Skinny Puppy) icons
4 x Siouxsie Sioux (of Siouxsie and the Banshees) icons

also includes:
1 x Diamanda Galas FOB, 1 Nina Hagen FOB, 1 Nivek Ogre/OhGr FOB, 2 Siouxsie Sioux FOB's


Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

( more @ the community )
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[09 Feb 2006|10:08pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Hi! have you see the official nina hagen page? It's Updated now, you can download a few videos and mp3!

Regards to everybody

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Nina Hagen on Myspace [26 Jan 2006|09:32am]


I found two profiles for Nina, but this is the one that's been updated recently, and seems to be the right one. When I first found it she had two friends- couple days later she has 11. If you are on myspace, check it out!
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Nina Hagen live again in California, Spring 2006!! [20 Jan 2006|07:36pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I just found out-

http://www.thebossbookingagency.com/artistnews.php (Gotta scroll down a bit :P)

Nina's website briefly mentioned her performing at the House of Blues (not sure which but I'll drive ANYWHERE!) in California. Gene Loves Jezebel and David J (Love and Rockets) will be supporting Nina on a few of the shows. She'll also have a new album coming out in 2006.

Yay for Nina, 50 years old, 1970s avant-garde punk rock pioneer and 1980's Berliner gothic disco diva, still making albums and touring.

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Lene Lovich - Shawows and Dust [07 Jan 2006|09:37am]

Lene Lovich - Shadows and Dust

Did you know that Lene Lovich has a new album out?

Not advertised as much as such a talent deserves, and almost a secret I was able to get this CD at a resent rare show in NYC. The live show was Lene and Les Chappell who achieved a surprisingly full band sound together. The CD is also collaboration between Lene and Les with occasional bass and synths by Mike Thorne, who also helped with production. The CD madcaps through ten quirky songs, theatrical enough to be a score to a play. Wold I like to see Lene and Les do a play together? Surely they already have, if not its a bit of a travesty. Lene is in her old form, you can almost swear your listening to a CD from 20 years ago except for 2 songs. The best songs on this CD “ The insect eater” and “ The Wicked Witch”. These are the songs that take stubborn residence in your scull. I find myself humming the Wicked Witch days after I listen to this CD. Both songs are also the fastest ones on the CD and the most likely to be spun at a club. Also interestingly these are the only 2 songs on CD that Lene and Les collaborate with other people to write. Did they get inspired by other people or after working together for over 2 decades a new blood is necessary to shake the pair up? In ether case those two songs are the definite singles on this album. The album as a whole is a treat for Lene Lovich fans and will appeal to fans of Tiger Lillies, Klaus Nomi, Nina Hagen and even Devo. If you like your music slightly to the left of sane , if you delight in little stories about witches insects and shape-shifters then you are in for a treat.

This review and more coming in the next issue of
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[04 Jan 1970|12:54am]

Did anyone else notice that Barnes and Nobles is selling Nina Hagen postcards, or is it just me? I found mine in a B&N in downtown new York, and one of them was selling out pretty fast...it was this image:


I now have a row of Nina Hagen cards on the wall of my dorm ;D
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Nina in Portland [06 Nov 2005|01:36am]

[ mood | excited ]

I just got back from the Nina Hagen concert here in Portland tonight and it was great! The band was much tighter than when they played here in January and Nina was in fantastic form, very animated and funny! She had the usual crazy black hair and a short black dress. The songs I can remember from the set list are:

Born in Xixax
King of Hearts
No Apologies(Nirvana cover)
New York New York
Zero Zero UFO
Ave Maria
Return of the Mother
Right on Time
Let Me Entertain You

There were several others but it's almost two a.m. and I'm wiped out. It was a fantastic show!

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9 Days and counting! [19 Oct 2005|02:55am]

Help us spread the word, please repost!

Why dont you have your tickets yet?

Hosted By: Drop Dead Festival
When: Friday Oct 28-31, 2005
at 6:00 PM
Where: Knitting Factory and Avalon Club/Limelight
go to http://dropdeadfestival.com
NYC, NY 10013
Drop Dead Festival

Click Here To View Event

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