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Will I abandon those in need of good drinking, dancing, deathrock and debauchery? I think NOT!

2 Drop Dead Festivals this time (2007)?
Thanks to every one who have attended Drop Dead Festivals the past 4 years. We are proud to call you guys our friends and looking forward to meeting all the new people getting involved every year.
Ok so there has been a lot of debate about Drop Dead moving to Europe in 2007.
Great news for all the US ghouls who cant travel to Prague, there will be two festivals this year one in USA and one in Europe so we are not moving away but just getting bigger and better, thanks to all of you.

Drop Dead USA will be as always run and put together by me with help from the rest of NY Decay crew and co-operation with deathrock/punk/post-punk/Psychobilly communities.. The Festival will be in NYC again (there is talk of another one too in another USA city) but I will post details to every one as they come to us. This year I would like more American promoters, DJ’s and fans in general to be involved in pre-production. As always the e-mail is nydecay at gmail.com.

We are taking requests from bands, DJ’s, Vendors, Sponsors and Promoters for participating now. If you get in touch with us now the only way to get in touch with us is through the nydecay at gmail.com. You can reach us also through instant messenger at “nydecay”

Drop Dead Prague, held on Halloween weekend October 26-28 will be a collaborative festival between all the top promoters of Europe and few outside. Me and Pamela from Bat country booking in Prague will be heading the team of promoters. So far we have promoters from Switzerland, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Germany ( about 5 different promotion groups from different cities) and Holland joining in. I am sure there will be many more and if you want to join us in some way contact us nydecay at gmail.com
Events collaborating to bring you Drop Dead Prague will be announced shortly.

And Don’t forget to check out Drop Dead Magazine, Issue 2 is in stores and avlible from our site now Issue 3 coming very soon

Polina Y
NY Decay Productions
Drop Dead Festival, Promoter
Drop Dead Magazine, Publisher and Managing Editor

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